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Based in Mexico City.

Proudly mexican.


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What is life if not a work of art? What is it if not a complex entanglement of beauty?

Is it a hovering space between reason and feeling? Or an ever-changing flow of energy. A connected whole, one entire system?

May it simply be existence in time and space?

It is my contention that these questions must be asked by any artist and it is definitely the price some of us must pay. I have therefore chosen to pay that fee. There is obviously no answer to any of them, but the intriguing and intimate dance between them is exactly what connects us as human beings. The possibility that there is much more than meets the eye, the convergence of our feelings under the same experience and the thought that our mind can be placed in a transcendent place. A place bigger than us, brighter than this one. It inspires me when I think about the narrow chances we had to coincide with each other and yet here we are.


It may not be clear that the job of the artist is not to reflect the times, but to reflect a deeper possibility and provoke he who dares to look at art. We sometimes don’t realize that everything needed to make great art is already within any human, art simply touches that corner and ignites a flame in he who wonders. Art is built by what exists in the mind, present, past and future and of that which may be, that which just might exist. Expressing this is of course my absolute goal.

I have always thought that the great artists often make the best thieves, not because they can steal without getting caught. But because they know what to steal from life and where to take it to. So yes my friend, artists are thieves, but thieves of the most honorable kind because they suck the marrow out of life to create beauty.

My art is no exception to that rule. I am an expert robber, shall we say it is an illness, but I know the things I must steal and transform into something that may as well make you cry without being anything. That is why my art is abstract, so that I won’t tell a story but provoke the making of one in the viewer. Welcome to Studio Jerome, the synthetization of the mind’s wildest dreams.


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